Action Codes

Action Codes
A Appointment
B Reappointment
C Promotion
D Demotion
E Transfer
F Transfer/Promotion
G Reclassification
H Reclassification/Increase
I Inactive
J Merit Increase
K Salary Range Adjustment
L Salary Adjustment Increase
M Salary Adjustment Decrease
N Employment Status
R Overtime Status
S % of Time Worked
U Title/Rank Change
V Other
W Leave
Y Return from Leave
AA Personal Data
BB Termination
CC Promotion to Full Time


Termination Codes

Termination Codes
01 Accept other employment
02 Job dissatisfaction
03 Domestic duties or pregnancy
04 Attend school full time
05 Failure to report for work
06 Personal reasons
07 Poor health
08 Resign while on layoff
09 Mutually satisfactory release
10 Moving to new location
11 Graduation
12 Unsuited for particular occupation
22 Abandoned position
23 Inaptitude for job
24 Chronic absenteeism or tardiness
25 Unsatisfactory performance
26 Physical or mental impairment
27 Involuntary - other
28 Dismissed for cause
29 Dismissed w/o prejudice
30 Dismissal due to reduction in staff
31 Layoff
32 Expiration of funding
33 Left without notice
34 Conflict with superior
35 Misconduct
36 Terminated during orientation period
41 Contract expiration
42 Co-op return to school
50 Regular retirement
51 Early retirement
60 Death
90 End of hourly assignment
91 Credential revoked or denied
92 Tenure denied
93 Not reappointed

Other Codes

Employment Status
F9 Faculty 9 month
FA Faculty 12 month
FC Faculty Calendar
FD Faculty Deferred
FT Faculty Temp/PT
FV Faculty Temp FT
HR Hourly/On call
LE Rise School Exempt
LN Rise School Non-Exempt
LP Lecturer/Part-time
PD Postdoctoral Student Employees
PE PT Exempt
PN PT Non-Exempt
SE FT Exempt
SN FT Non-Exempt
TE FT Temp Exempt
TN FT Temp Non-Exempt
ST Student
SG Student Stipend
  EEO Tenure Status
N Non-tenured
O On track
T Tenure
 Leave Codes
B Leave w/o pay and w/ benefits
L Leave w/o pay and w/o benefits
F Leave w/ pay and w/ benefits
P Leave w/ partial pay