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UAH's Cutest Pet Photo Contest

Who will be UAH's Cutest Pet of 2019? Charger Fit will have five weeks when faculty and staff can vote for the Cutest Pet of the Week. The sixth week of voting will determine who will be "UAH's Cutest Pet" of 2019. The owner of the Cutest Pet will win a wellness swag bag. 

Cutest Pet of the Week and our second annual "UAH's Cutest Pet" of 2019 winner will be announced on our Facebook page.




Weekly voting will be held Monday through Sunday each week, starting September 2nd. All winners will be announced on Mondays on Facebook. "UAH's Cutest Pet" winner will be announced October 14th.

Week 1 - September 2 - September 8

Week 2 - September 9 - September 15

Week 3 - September 16 - September 22

Week 4 - September 23 - September 29

Week 5 - September 30 - October 6

Finals - October 7 - October 13 


UAH’s Cutest Pet of 2018 is........


henry cutest pet of 2018


 Owner: Dana Skelley, Curriculum and Instruction

 Age: 3 years old

 Breed: Orange Tabby

 Bio: Henry brings the party with him wherever he goes. He's never met a treat he   didn't like and enjoys spending free time chasing golf balls on hardwood floors,   guarding his backyard via the windows, and drowning toy mice in his water bowl. 


All of the fur participants are viewable on our Facebook page in the Cutest Pet Photo Contest Albums.

Thank you everyone who submitted photos this year and to everyone who voted. You made this a fun experience and we look forward to doing this again next year.