Tuition Assistance pays tuition fees for six credit UAH courses per academic year for eligible employees, not to exceed two credit courses per term and a total of six credit hours per semester. One-half of tuition fees will be covered for credit courses for spouse and eligible dependents enrolled at UAH. There is not a course limit for spouse and dependents. The tuition assistance program does NOT pay for lab fees, books or supplies.

Who Is Eligible?

  • All active and retired full-time regular faculty and staff.
  • Spouse of eligible employee/retiree.
  • Dependent Children of eligible employees and retirees.
    • Dependents must be unmarried under age 26 and qualify as a tax dependent.
  • Eligible dependents of deceased full-time regular faculty and staff.

How do I apply for Tuition Assistance

  • Apply for admission to the University through Admissions in the Student Services building, Room 106 or phone 256-824-2773.
  • Register for courses.
  • Submit a completed Application for Tuition Assistance Form to Benefits & Employee Services (Shelbie King Hall 102) for each semester that tuition assistance is desired.  
  • Supervisory approval is required for staff employees. 
  • Enrollment must not be deemed to interfere with job requirements. 
  • The completed application for tuition assistance must be received in the Office of Employee Benefits ten days prior to the start of the semester.
  • Tuition bills are the responsibility of the student. If tuition bills are not paid by 5:00 p.m. on the first day of class the University imposes a $50 late payment fee. The late fee is not covered by the Tuition Assistance program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the non-credit and certificate courses offered in the College of Professional and Continuing Studies eligible for the tuition assistance program?

A.  No, only courses that offer semester hour credit are covered by the “Tuition Assistance Program” benefit. Courses that do not offer semester hour credit are not covered by the tuition assistance program. However, as faculty or staff, you also receive the benefit of a 50% discount on non-credit courses offered by the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. Registration with the 50% discount is based on space availability and must be done via telephone or in-person. For more information regarding Professional and Continuing Studies courses, please see 

Q. Can I audit a class through the tuition assistance program?

A. Yes, you can audit the class. However, the course must be one that offers semester hour credit.

Q. Must I make a certain grade in the course? Does the course have to be job-related?

A. No, there is no grade average to maintain and the course does not have to be job-related.

Q. Can I charge time away from work to my sick leave to take a class?

A. No. Time away from work must be made up after hours OR charged to either vacation or personal leave. Prior supervisory approval is required before taking a class during working hours. The employee should discuss the issue of time off of work to take a course with the supervisor and an agreement made before enrolling in the course and applying for tuition assistance.

Q. If there is a change in schedule and the drop/add procedure is followed, do I need to submit another form?

A. No, this adjustment is made through the registration process without submitting another tuition assistance form as long as the number of credit hours is the same.

Q. Can tuition assistance be retroactive to courses I've already taken?

A. No. The process is not retroactive to prior courses taken or to courses in progress. Eligibility for tuition assistance begins on the date of full-time regular employment subject to application deadlines. (Example: Spring semester begins January 10 and employment eligibility begins February 15th. No tuition assistance is provided for spring semester. However, eligibility is available for the summer semester.)

Q. Are the six courses per calendar year or per academic year?

A. The six courses are per academic year.