UAH provides various types of paid leave to regular full-time staff employees and 12 month faculty members. For detailed information, please refer to the Staff Handbook and/or the Faculty Handbook.

Annual/Vacation Leave

It is the policy of the University to grant paid vacation leave to regular full-time staff employees and 12 month faculty members in recognition of their service and as a means of providing periods for rest and relaxation. Staff members earn vacation leave in proportion to their length of service as follows:

Leave Category Length of Continuous Full-Time ServiceAnnuallyBi-Weekly Pay Period
Non-Exempt Employees (VN) 1-5 years 12 days 3.69 hours
6-10 years 18 days 5.54 hours
11+ years 21 days 6.46 hours
Exempt Employees (VS) 1-5 years 13 days 4.00 hours
6-10 years 19 days 5.85 hours
11+ years 22 days 6.77 hours
Senior Administrative Employees and 12 Month Faculty  (VA)   22 days 6.77 hours
Senior Research Employees (VA)   22 days 6.77 hours
Rise School Employees (RS) Not eligible for Annual Leave.  Eligible for Rise School time-off program, based upon Rise School Calendar
Postdoctoral Student Employees (VP)

Not eligible for Annual Leave. Eligible for Postdoctoral Student Paid Time Off program. PTO accrual at 3.69 hours/pay period.  

As a Postdoctoral Student Employee, you are instructed to use all of your leave prior to your agreed-upon termination date. There will be no payout of unused PTO leave at termination. 

Other Paid Leave

Bereavement Employees will receive a maximum of 3 workdays for bereavement leave upon the death of an immediate family member.
Holiday Under current policy, the University recognizes 19 paid holidays per year. 
Maternity Absences from work due to pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions are to be handled, as necessary, under the University‚Äôs policies for sick leave, vacation leave, FMLA, and medical leave. For more information, please review Chapter 3 of the Staff Handbook.
Military Employees will receive full pay for the first 21 working days of absence in a calendar year for such purpose.
Personal Employees will be granted 3 personal leave days on October 1st in lump sum each year. Personal leave can be used for emergency situations such as illness in the immediate family, adverse weather conditions, personal business, etc., with appropriate supervisory approval. There is a six month waiting period for new employees on the accrual of personal leave. On October 1st any remaining personal leave is rolled into the sick leave balance. Personal leave balances are reset each October 1st.
Sick Eligible employees earn 9 days of sick leave per year which is accrued at a rate of 2.76 each bi-weekly pay period.