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Access Plus Dental

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Summary of Benefits

Plan Summary | Dental Expense Claim Form

The chart below summarizes the coverage administrated Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. For more plan information including limitations and exclusions, please refer to the plan summary document above. At all times the master contract is the prevailing authority.

Access Plus Dental BenefitsCoverage
Diagnostic and Preventive Care (Exams and Cleanings) 100%
Restorative Services (Fillings and Root Canals)* 80%
Supplemental  Services (Oral Surgery and Anesthesia)* 80%
Periodontic (Gum Disease)* 80%
Prosthetic (Crowns and Dentures)* 50%
Orthodontia ($1,000 lifetime maximum)* 50%
Calendar Yr. Deductible $50 per member, $150 family maximum
Calendar Yr. Max (In Network and Out-of-network)

(additional $500 for in-network services)

Preferred Dental Providers are available for in-network calendar year max
*12 month waiting period for new entrants
Preferred Providers

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama's Access Plus Dental network provides access to dental providers throughout the United States.  To find a dentist in the Access Plus Dental network, visit and click on “Find a Doctor.” Then select “Dentist” as the healthcare provider type, enter your zip code or city/state and choose “Access Plus Dental.”

Open Enrollment

An open enrollment period is held once each year to enroll, drop, or make changes in dental insurance. The open enrollment is usually mid-October through mid-November with changes effective January 1st of the following year. New employees must enroll within the first 31 days of employment. If enrollment does not occur in the first 31 days of employment, they will have to wait until the open enrollment period.