Summer Housing Application

Any UAH student that is enrolled in a summer class and/or registered for an internship through Career Services are eligible to live on campus for the summer semester. The Summer Housing Contract is currently available for UAH students. You will be able to fill out the contract through your Residential Self-Service which is found through your myUAH account. There is not a date that the contract will close. The contract will remain available until all spots are filled for the summer.

Summer Residence Hall

Central Campus Residence Hall

Any student that applies for summer housing will be manually assigned to a 4 bedroom suite in Central Campus. Note, the rooms in Central Campus only have a kitchentte. Students will be able to cook in the kitchen on the first floor or use approved appliances in their space to make meals. Students can find a list of approved and unapproved items in our Resident Handbook

Summer Housing Dates

Summer students will be able to check-in starting on Saturday, May 27th. If you currently live on campus and need temporary housing until summer check-in, reach out to the UAH Housing Office at for additional information. 

Summer students will be expected to check-out by Saturday, August 5th. If you have a fall housing assignment, you will receive an email from the Assistant Director of Housing Operation on how to transition to your fall assignment. 

Summer Housing Rates

Central Campus
Term Room Semester Rate
5 Week Term Private bedroom in 4-person suite $1200
10 Week Term Private bedroom in 4-person suite $2350
Fraternity and Sorority Housing
Term Room Semester Rate
10 Week Term Private room in 10-bedroom House $1600

Additional Information
  • If a student applies for summer and fall/spring housing, only summer housing is guaranteed. You will receive a separate assignment letter for fall and spring housing.
  • When filling out the Summer Housing Contract, students will be required to sign a housing contract before they are able to submit their contract. This will bound the student financially for the summer semester. If the student is under 19, then a parent/guardian will have to provide a parential verfication agreeing to the contract.
  • To request a cancellation of a summer contract/assignment, the student will need to submit a UAH Housing Contract Appeal Form