Housing & Residence Life Appeals

Please allow at least 14 days for any submitted appeals to be given a decision.

General Information
  • Read the terms and conditions of your Student Contract before submitting your appeal
  • Submit your appeal promptly with any supporting documentation to help us process your appeal quickly. Some items such as cancellation fees vary based on the date of the appeal, withdraw, or move out.
  • You must utilize the forms below to submit your appeal. Our office will not hear appeals that do not follow the process given.
  • Submitting your appeal does not automatically approve your appeal
  • Cancellation of a contract does not eliminate your responsibility for fees already charged (such as late fees), or fees charged as a result of cancellation and move out (such as room damages).
  • Only housing assignments staff are authorized to discuss the terms of a housing contract. Resident Assistants and Resident Directors are not able to make these determinations.
  • Once your account has been submitted to a non-university collection agency, you are no longer eligible to appeal your charges.
Appeals Procedures

UAH Students wanting to submit an appeal may do so provided there is a legitimate basis for the appeal. A general dissatisfaction with housing, such as roommates, services provided, or a policy, is not a basis for an appeal. These general dissatisfactions can be resolved by meeting with UAH Housing & Residence Life staff, requesting a room change, or other assistance.

Our department utilizes a Housing Appeals Review Team appointed by the Director of Housing & Residence Life. This group is composed of UAH Staff, with a majority from outside of the department. These members meet regularly to review appeals. Individuals are not allowed to attend or participate in these meetings.

Requirements to submit an appeal:

  1. The student must submit the appeal through the forms on our website
  2. The student should submit the reason for the appeal and supporting documentation is strongly encouraged and is required for appeals based on medical reasons.
    1. Appeals without documentation or rationale will not be heard until provided.
    2. The Housing Appeals Review team reserves the right to ask for additional documentation or rationale if needed to make a decision.
    3. Supporting documentation from a third party individuals are preferred over supporting documentation from friends, family members, or other individuals with an interest in the outcome
    4. Medical documentation must appear on the provider’s letterhead and include the provider’s signature. The medical provider should state why the student cannot live on campus and include the following:
      1. Date of onset of the condition
      2. Diagnosis of condition
      3. Prognosis - whether the condition can be treated
      4. Course of treatment
      5. Why the condition prevents the student from completing their contract
      6. Why there are no alternatives other than cancellation of the contract to address this condition
  3. Cancellation requests stating financial inconvenience or inability to pay are not usually approved. UAH Housing and Residence Life does not assume or bear the risk that students are unable, or become unable, to meet their financial obligations.
  4. Cancellation requests stating moving off campus or commuting are not usually approved. A release will not be granted if another lease at another housing complex is obtained
  5. Cancellation requests stating they are academic probation are not usually approved. Students academically suspended from UAH are eligible for cancellation.

Students will receive written notification of the decision through the student’s email after the meeting.

If a student wishes to re-appeal based on the outcome of the original appeal, the same process must be followed. Housing and Residence Life will only review re-appeals that bring new information that was not included in the original appeal.

Appeal Forms

Housing Contract Appeal

Housing Fees Appeal

Housing Live On Requirement Appeal