William Wilkerson, Prevost, Charles Karr

The Stanley E. Prevost Scholarship supports students in all STEM fields. Students apply in their second year for support for their junior and senior years, and the scholarship is also renewable for one year of graduate study. Students must take extra Honors courses and spend a year doing a more rigorous version of the Honors Capstone. This allows the UAH Honors College to support a very research-focused group of exceptional scholars, establishing an “Honors within Honors” program.

Micahel Sorrell

Mr. Prevost’s generosity and his vision for an Honors education is much appreciated. One of our Prevost Scholars, Michael Sorrell, states “The scholarship requires us to pursue a topic for in-depth research,” Sorrell explains. “I was already looking for a topic to investigate, and my interest in modelling vibration just clicked.” The combination of the scholarship and his work in the Honors College has helped him with his current work and his future plans.

“I’ve been able to get to know Dr. Wilkerson better and meet Mr. Prevost. Their encouragement to pursue research has helped me so much. They know my strengths and direct me to people and topics that fall in those areas. And I’ve received information on future plans like graduate school and fellowships.”

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