Isaac Daniel

William Isaac Daniel, Honors Computer Engineering

The UAH Honors College Student Spotlight features Honors Mentor Program Coordinator, William Isaac Daniel. Isaac writes:

My name is William Isaac Daniel, or just Isaac, and I am an Honors Computer Engineering major entering my Junior year here at UAH. I graduated from Prattville High School in Prattville, AL in 2013. I am deeply involved with the Honors College at UAH and many of you may or will get to know me as the Honors Mentor Program Coordinator this year!

I started volunteering for the Honors College by first becoming an Honors mentor my Sophomore year. I had so much fun mentoring the incoming Freshmen that I thought I should take it a step further and become the new Honors Mentor Coordinator. I am so glad that I chose to take this job! Though sometimes stressful and mighty hectic, it is definitely a very fun and rewarding job.

Outside of the Honors College, I continually present a research project I worked on during my Freshmen summer called the "ECE Smart Kart." I got involved with research early at UAH. After being impressed with my simple, yet, effective EE-100 project called, "The Smart Drawer," my instructor and future research mentor, Dennis Hite, suggested to me an opportunity to work on the Smart Kart, an ongoing electrical engineering senior design project. I agreed to take part and we proposed our project to the Research and Creative Experience for Undergraduates program. After our proposal was accepted, I was tasked to develop the framework for remotely controlling the go-kart so that future electrical and computer engineering senior design teams can easily implement remote control functionality later. I did not know, however, that by completing my research project and also maintaining my involvement with the Honors College, I would not only be considered but actually be a recipient of the NSF Cyber Security Scholarship. With the recommendations of Dennis Hite and the Honors College Dean, Dr. William Wilkerson, I am now able to participate in a scholarship program that will help secure my financial, academic, and professional future.

With confidence, I can say that this university is the reason that I was given these opportunities, opportunities that have and will further enhance my educational experience here on campus. What I love about UAH is that your hard work will not go unnoticed: opportunities will come to you!

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