Molly Stalons: Honors Student in the Spotlight

 Molly Stalons

Molly Stalons


Major: Biology

From: Killen, AL


Our current Honors student in the spotlight is Molly Stalons.  Molly is a freshman biology major and currently serves as one of our Honors College Ambassadors.


Where are you from and what high school did you attend?    

I'm from Killen, AL and I attended Brooks High School.


 What is your major and class here at UAH?    

I am a freshman with a Biology major and a chemistry minor on the Pre-Health track.


 What do you plan to do with your degree?

I plan to use the degree I earn from UAH to contine my education in graduate school where I will study forensic pathology.


Why did you choose to come to UAH and joing the Honors College?

I chose UAH because I felt recognized by the school.  Unlike other schools and their Honors Colleges, I didn't feel like I would be lost in the mass of students.  The UAH Honors College has a great reputation and I wanted the extra challenge in my studies.  Plus, I really liked the idea of Honors Housing!

What is you favorite thing about the Honors College?

My favorite thing about th eHonors College is the number of activities and events it hosts.  In Honors Housing (Go Frank Franz!), there are usually events happening once a week.  Some of the events are academic, but most are fun, extracurricular activities.


What do you do in your role as an Honors Ambassador?  

As an Honors Ambassador I work to promote all aspects of the Honors College for current and prospective members. One of my primary jobs is to help with recruitment for the Honors College. I enjoy the work because I enjoy being part of the Honors College and I want every student to find something or make something in the Honors College that they can enjoy too.