Pikria Saliashvili: Honors Student in the Spotlight


Pikria Saliashvili


Majors: Music, French, Political Science

From: Tbilisi, Georgia


Our current Honors student in the spotlight is Pikria Saliashvili.  Pikria is one of 21 seniors graduating from the Honors Program this academic year and is also our Honors Program Student of the Year.  She will be honored at this year's Honors Convocation on April 4, 2013 at 9:00 am in the UC Exhibit Hall.


Where are you from and what high school did you attend?    

I'm from Tbilisi, Georgia.  I started high school in Texas and finished up at Bob Jones High School, here in Madison, AL.

What were you involved with during your high school years?

I was involved with the National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Key Club, chess club, and Math Honor Society.  I was the salutatorian of a class of 648 students at Bob Jones.

 What is your major and class here at UAH?    

I'm a senior with a triple major in Music, French, and Political Science.

 What are your plans after graduation?    

I’d like to pursue graduate studies in international affairs.

What do you ultimately see yourself doing career-wise?  

I see myself working for the government in the field of international relations or working for a private organization as an analyst or consultant. 

 What else are you involved in at UAHuntsville and off campus?    

I've been involved with the French Club, jazz combo, concert choir, The Economics Association, SGA, Spanish Club, and several honor societies.  I'm currently completing an internship at the International Services Council of Alabama. 

 What are your thoughts on the Honors Program?  How has it impacted your time at UAHuntsville?     

The Honors Program represents a great opportunity for all students. To name just a few, I liked the small class sizes, engaged faculty, and thought-provoking seminars. I enjoyed taking challenging courses and especially liked the opportunity to conduct an independent research project. All in all, I liked the variety and breadth of experiences that the Honors Program offered. As such, the Honors Program made my time at UAH more interesting.