Kara Million: Honors Student in the Spotlight


Kara Million


Major: Biology and English

From: Fountain, Florida


Our current Honors student in the spotlight is Kara Million.  Kara is one of 22 seniors graduating from the Honors Program this academic year.


Where did you attend high school and what activities were you involved in?

I'm originally from Fountain, Florida and I was homeschooled.  I was co-editor of an independent young writers' magazine called "The Sword and the Pen."  I was also a finalist in the National Vocabulary Championship.


 What's your class/major here at UAHuntsville and what are your plans for furthering your edcuation?

I’m a senior majoring in Biology and English.  After graduation, I hope to get into a Biology graduate program (hopefully at UAHuntsville) and continue my research on fish parasites.  I did a project through the RCEU (Research and Creative Experience for Undergraduates) program on parasites on the black darter and the banded darter, fish species native to the Flint River in Alabama.  That was the springboard for my Honors project, which was on Panama fish  parasites.  They're distinct, although closely related, research projects.  My Honors research title was "Trematode Gill Parasite in Brachyrhaphis episcopi" and my advisor was Dr. Bruce Stallsmith.  During my research, I found undescribed parasite species on the gills of a livebearing fish native to Panama.  

 What do you ultimately see yourself doing career-wise?

I'd like to find a niche in biological sciences and pursue a career in research.  I'd also like to write and publish novels.


What else are you involved in at UAH?

I'm the Campus Life section editor for the Charger Times here at UAHuntsville.  I'm also a long time member of the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), an on-campus student ministry.