Sydney, Terrence and Kelsey: Honors Ambassadors in the Spotlight

Kelsey Sydney_Terrence1

Kelsey Harris, Terrence Burroughs, Sydney Steele


 We're so excited to welcome our brand new Honors Ambassadors to the Honors community!  These 5 students will be a big part of this year's recruitment efforts as well as shining examples of what awesome Honors students we have!  For the next couple of weeks we will be featuring our Honors Ambassadors so everyone can get to know them a little better.

Where are you from and what high school did you attend?

Sydney:  I'm from Priceville, AL and I attended Priceville High School.

Terrence:  I'm from Ozark, AL and I attended Carroll High School.

Kelsey:  I'm from Huntsville, AL and I attended Grissom High School.


What activities were you involved with while in high school?

Sydney:  The better question is what wasn't I involved in!  I cheered all four years, competed in Science Olympiad, Scholar's Bowl, Envirobowl, Envirothon, Math Team, Robotics, and Future Farmers of America. I was also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Junior Civitan, Senior Girl's Society, and was on Yearbook Staff.  My senior year two friends and I founded the Pep squad known as Crunk Squad (equivalent of Blue Crew).

Terrence:  In high school, I participated in Student Government Association, JROTC, played varsity soccer, and was in the National Honor Society.

Kelsey:    In highschool, I was on the swim team, in the French club, photography club, Reach (tutoring/peer aiding), and was on the Yearbook staff.

 What's your class/major here at UAH and what are your future education and career goals?

Sydney:  My major is Mechanical Engineering. I would really just like to end up in a career that I enjoy. 

Terrence:  I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in French. After college, I plan on going to law school and joining the military to become a JAG officer.

Kelsey:  I'm currently a sophmore with a Biology major and a Spanish minor, as well as pre-med. I hope to go to medical school at UAB and become a plastic surgeon. 

What other activities/organizations are you involved with at UAHuntsville or in the community?

Sydney:  I'm a cheerleader for UAHuntsville. I'm a member of Blue Crew. I'm also a member of the Honors Mentor Program, Hammock Club, Tom's Shoe Club, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

Terrence:  I also participate in the following:  , Honors Mentor Program, a mentor with the Undergrad Minority Mentoring Program, ROTC, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Wellgates Scholars Program, National Society of Black Engineers, Black Student Alliance, NAACP, and the Student Government Association.

Kelsey:   At UAH, I am also a Science Ambassador and a staff writer for the Charger Times.  I'm a member of the  Medical Careers Club (soon to be Alpha Epsilon Delta), and am in the process of joining the rowing team.

Why did you want to be an Honors Ambassador?

Sydney:  I love this school and the Honors Program in particular. I wanted to be an Ambassador to help get the word out about this great program and be a representative of an amazing organization.

Terrence:  I wanted to become an Honors Ambassador because I wanted to make a difference in the Honors Program. I want to promote the ideas of the Honors Program and be able to represent the Program and UAH community when I leave.

Kelsey:  I wanted to be an Honors Ambassador to raise awareness of the Honors program and enhance the experiences of the students involved. 

What are your goals for the Honors Program and yourself as an Honors Ambassador?

Sydney:  My first goal is to disprove a lot of stereotypes people have about this program. I would like to show everyone in this community what a great thing we have going and lead more people to the Honors Program.

Terrence:  My goals for the Honors Program are to promote diversity and academic excellence. I would also like to help increase the number of students involved and the visibility of the Honors Program. 

Kelsey:   As an Honors Ambassador, I hope to enhance the program and help it grow. I want to make the program better and hopefully create the need for more Honors course sections.