Taylor Bono and Jennifer Bish: Honors Ambassadors in the Spotlight

Taylor Jennifer1

Jennifer Bish, Taylor Bono


 We're so excited to welcome our brand new Honors Ambassadors to the Honors community!  These 5 students will be a big part of this year's recruitment efforts as well as shining examples of what awesome Honors students we have!  For the next couple of weeks we will be featuring our Honors Ambassadors so everyone can get to know them a little better.

Where are you from and what high school did you attend?

Jennifer: I'm from Beavercreek, Ohio and I attended Beavercreek High school

Taylor:  I'm from Fulton, NY but moved to Madison, AL when I was 15. I attended BobJones High School 


What activities were you involved with while in high school?

Jennifer: I did extensive work with children's church ranging in ages 2-6 years old. I was also the recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Taylor:  I joined the Patriots Singers choir, chemistry club, SGA, Junior Civitans, and National Honor Society among other clubs. I also have directed my school choirs dinner theater fundraiser.


 What's your class/major here at UAH and what are your future education and career goals?

Jennifer:  I'm currently a senior and a Business Management-Human Resource and ACS Biochemistry major with a mathematics minor.  Near graduation I will apply as a United States Air Force officer and, with their permission and support ,earn a Masters in Healthcare Administration. I will then enjoy the mandatory job security andexperience gained in supporting the AF health system.

 Taylor:  I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Biology and pre-medicine. After UAH, I plan to go to medical school and study neurosurgery. My dream job would be a neurosurgeon, but I also would like to practice medicine in developing countries where they have little to no medical care.


What other activities/organizations are you involved with at UAHuntsville or in the community?

Jennifer:  I spent my first 3 years in a parallel co-op, treasurer of UAH-ACS and I am a sign language interpreter at my church. I practice  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, volunteer at Burritt on the Mountain and various other activities.

 Taylor:  I am a Science Ambassador, Honors Mentor, Honors Ambassador, Student Success Center tutor, Medical Careers Club member, and Empower leader. I am also very active in my church.


Why did you want to be an Honors Ambassador?

Jennifer:  I chose to be an Honors Ambassador because it was through the Honors Program that I obtained challenging course work and the spark that has sent me on my current career track.  I also have a variety of experience and information that I would love to pass along to current and future Honors students.

Taylor:  I want to be an Honors Ambassador so I can be more involved on the UAHuntsville campus and within the Honors Program community. This also sounded like a fun opportunity!


What are your goals for the Honors Program and yourself as an Honors Ambassador?

Jennifer:  I hope, as an Ambassador for the Honors Program, to help the current and future honor students find their potential(s) and walk with them on just a portion of their journey of fulfillment. In turn, they can continue to become exceptional students and individuals and give back to those coming behind them.

Taylor:  I really would like to become a stronger leader in the Honors community and at UAHuntsville. I also would to help the Honors Program grow and expand.