franz hall facade

Living as a freshman in Honors Housing in Frank Franz Hall is a great way to interact with other Honors students and get involved in the Honors College community! Students in the Franz community will get to know their fellow Honors students through specialized programming and have immediate access to Honors resources.

You can choose to continue your Honors residency experience by joining the second year community in Charger Village. Benefits of living in the Honors community include:

  • Live in close proximity to classes and campus resources
  • Make new friends with similar interests and goals
  • Learn success skills and strategies
  • Gain knowledge about major and career options
  • Connect with upper-class Honors Mentors in the Honors College
  • Easily form study groups with other Honors students
  • Develop meaningful connections with faculty and staff
  • Access to space for studying, activities and meetings

For more information, visit UAH Housing.

Scenes from Frank Franz Hall

UAH Frank Franz Hall entrance
UAH Frank Franz Hall entrance
UAH honors students at a dance
UAH students playing hungry hungry hippos
UAH honors students playing lawn games