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Fall 2018 Seminars


Planets, Exoplanets, and Other Worlds

HON 301-H1

1 credit hour

F 1:00-1:55

Lecturers include Dr. Richard Miller (Physics), Dr. Joe Ng (Biology), Dr. Jack Fix (Science, Emeritus), Dr. Jason Cassibry (MAE), Dr. Laurel Bollinger (English) among others. We hope for at least one or more NASA personnel from Marshall to be give a couple lectures as well.

A lecture course that begins with the Earth, explores the solar system, looks at exoplanets (planets beyond the solar system); and ends by discussing the place of planets in science fiction. Expert lectures and discussions led by top people in their field, including both UAH and NASA researchers.

 Course meets Fridays 1:00-1:55 PM in the Franz Multi-Purpose Room and is only 1 credit hour. Topics to be covered may include:

  • The Earth and its climate
  • Scientific uses of the Moon
  • Mars exploration
  • Outer solar system
  • Interplanetary/interstellar propulsion
  • Exoplanet discovery
  • Exoplanet biology
  • The theme of the planet in science fiction



Future of Design

HON 301-H4

1 credit hour

M 9:40-11:00am

hon 301 dr. c flyer



Music, Literature, and the Visual

HON 301-H2 and HON 301-H3 (Register for both--one meets first half of semester and one meets the second half)

1 credit hour

TR 11:20-12:40

hon 301 dr. g