honors seminar 2017

Spring 2022 Seminars

Course Title Description Time Hours Room Instructor

HON 301 - H1

The Physics of Video Games

See how kinematics factor into your favorite games and learn how to modify existing game engines’ calculations to steer them in the directions of either speed or accuracy.

Prerequisites: Calculus A

R 1:00-1:55 PM  1.0 FFH 138

T. Chronis

N. Diliberti 

HON 301 - H2

Lead like Luke Skywalker Learn about the different styles and different types of leadership. Explore how to leverage your leadership to help you in the years after college.


11:20 AM-12:15 PM

1.0 FFH 118 R. Debuse

HON 301 - H3 

Modern Cryptography

Learn about cryptographic techniques and the tools to protect data in online shopping, secure instant messaging, and other applications.

No specific math or coding experience required.


9:40-10:35 AM

1.0 FFH 138 R. Steinwandt

HON 301 - H4

A History of NASA in the South Learn about the history of NASA with expert historians, including guest lectures from the Chief Historian of NASA, Brian Odom.


11:20 AM-12:15 PM

1.0 FFH 118 S. Waring

HON 301 - H5 

Math in the Workforce Learn how you’ll use math in your career, make some good connections with local companies, and be introduced to topics like Coding theory, Graph Theory, Radar, Image Processing, and more. T 4:20-5:15 PM 1.0 FFH 118 T. Johnson

HON 301 - H6

Contemporary Political Theory Learn theories and concepts that will help you understand the modern political situation.


11:20 AM - 12:15 PM

1.0 FFH 118 W. Wilkerson

HON 301 - H7

The Bhagavad Gita: Yoga Philosophy and Practice Combine philosophical discussion of the Bhagavad Gita with yoga instruction delivered by a certified instructor. (First 10-week session) 


1-2:20 PM

1.0 FFH 138 S. Friedman
HON 301-H8 Role-playing Ancient Greece

Learn about the history of ancient Greece through an RTP history course. It’s D&D-style history, set in Athens. (First 7-week session)


1-1:55 PM

1.0 FFH 118 C. Sears

HON 201 - H1


Scholarships and Graduate School Prep Learn about graduate school and graduate fellowship application processes. Develop a plan and create drafts of personal essays for getting into graduate programs. Now open to freshmen. GPA of 3.75 required. (First 7-week session)


9:40-10:35 AM


FFH 118

J. Staton