honors seminar 2017

Spring 2023 Seminars

Course Title Description Time Hours Room Instructor

HON 301 - H1

Matlab for Science

Extend your abilities in Matlab to cover things like statistics and image processing.


2:40-3:35 PM

1.0 FFH 138 T. Chronis

HON 301 - H2

Health in Space Learn about how space travel affects human health with NASA experts. 


1-1:55 PM

1.0 FFH 138 P. O'Neal

HON 301 - H3 

Totally 1980s Study the culture and films of this decade to better understand its legacy.


9:40-10:35 AM

1.0 FFH 138 J. Stedham

HON 301 - H4

NASA and the Long 1960s Immerse yourself in the history of NASA in its pivotal decade with the NASA Historian.


2:40-3:35 PM

1.0 FFH 138 B. Odom

HON 301 - H5 

Sports Science Technology Collect and analyze performance data by using the tools and methods of sport scientists.


11:20 AM -12:15 PM

1.0 WIL 159 P. Whitehead

HON 301 - H6

ISE 321 Supplement

Discuss aspects of engineering economy. Combines with ISE 321 for 4 Honors hours.

(Pre-req or co-req: ISE 321)


1-1:55 PM

1.0 FFH 138 A. Davis

HON 301 - H7

Conversations in Gender and Sexuality

Discuss important issues about both gender and sexual identities.

(First 10-week session) 


1-2:20 PM

1.0 FFH 138 S. Friedman
HON 301-H8 Environmental Economics Learn how economics can help understand environment problems and how to move towards a sustainable future. W 9:40-10:35 AM 1.0 FFH 138 B. Mahalingam
HON 399-H01 Introduction to Space Science

Learn the astrophysics of the solar system with an internationally recognized researcher. Counts as tech elective.

(Pre-req: MA 172 and PH 112)


11:20 AM-12:40 PM

3.0 FFH 138 Y. Zou
MAE 345-H01 Thermodynamics I Colloquium Explore research in thermodynamics. Combines with Thermo I for 4 Honors hours.


9:40-11 AM

1.0 OKT N227 D. Hollingsworth

HON 201 - H1


Scholarships and Graduate School Prep

Learn about graduate school and graduate fellowship application processes. Develop a plan and create drafts of personal essays for getting into graduate programs.

Open to freshmen. GPA of 3.75 required. (First 7-week session)

TR 1.0

9:40-10:35 AM

J. Staton