honors seminar 2017

Fall 2021 Seminars

Course Title Description Time Hours Room Instructor

HON 301 - H1

Rapid Prototyping with Rasberry Pi Learn techniques for developing an embedded control system with someone who worked in the field for over 20 years. R 11:20-12:15  1.0 FFH 118 D. Chan 

HON 301 - H2

Glamorous as Schitt! Discover how we communicate nonverbally through the things we wear and carry. You will discuss both scholarly articles and episodes of Schitt’s Creek.



1.0 FFH 118 N. McDavid

HON 301 - H3 

Mathematics of Social Justice Learn mathematical modeling and other techniques for analyzing data by looking at issues such as voting methods and human trafficking.  (MA 171 required)



1.0 FFH 118 J. Burrows

HON 301 - H4

Your Social Media Knows Everything Explore how social media tracks all your information across platforms, and experiment by devising some fictitious social media accounts.


1.0 FFH 118 H. Delugach

HON 301 - H5 

Understanding Professionalism  Learn professional culture and develop your own professionalism through lectures and mentorship guided by the Millbridge Foundation. T 2:40-3:35 1.0 FFH 118 C. Bailey 

HON 301 - H6

Selling Innovation Thinking of taking a tech idea to market? Learn the rules of patents, IP, and other aspects from an economist and an expert at tech commercialization.



1.0 FFH 118 W. Orman, K. Grant

HON 301 - H7

The Bhagavad Gita: Yoga Philosophy and Practice Combine philosophical discussion of the Bhagavad Gita with yoga instruction delivered by a certified instructor. (First 10-week session) 



1.0 FFH 138 S. Friedman

HON 201 - H1


Scholarships and Graduate School Prep Learn about graduate school and graduate fellowship application processes. Develop a plan and create drafts of personal essays for getting into graduate programs. Now open to freshmen. GPA of 3.75 required. (First 7-week session)

M, W 



MOR 132

J. Staton