honors seminar 2017

Fall 2022 Seminars

Course Title Description Time Hours Room Instructor

HON 301 - H1

Economics of Cannabis

Learn basic economic concepts through an examination of governmental and economic policies surrounding the legalization of cannabis.

9:40-10:35 AM

1.0 FFH 138

R. White

HON 301 - H2

Rapid Prototyping with Raspberry Pi Learn techniques for developing an embedded control system with someone who worked in the field for over 20 years.


11:20 AM-12:15 PM

1.0 MOR 124 D. Chan

HON 301 - H3 

Blockchain, Crypto, and Decentralized Finance

Take the perspective of an investor looking to make money and learn the landscape of crypto, including blockchain technology and security issues.


11:20 AM- 12:15PM

1.0 BAB 223 H. Pham

HON 301 - H4

Alternate Decisions of WWII Use what-if scenarios to re-examine WWII and reflect on other possible outcomes.


11:20 AM- 12:15 PM

1.0 MOR 124 A. Gandila

HON 301 - H5 

Learning Diversity Through Multicultural Foods Understand diversity by engaging in qualitative research and service-learning around issues of foods, cultural holidays, and heritage celebrations.


1:00-1:55 PM

1.0 MOR 124 H. Mahafza

HON 301 - H6

Decrypting Deception

Look at how social engineers can exploit your weaknesses to hack you, including Open Source Intelligence, phishing, and other ways to "hack the human."


2:40-3:35 PM

1.0 MOR 124 T. Williams

HON 301 - H7

The Bhagavad Gita: Yoga Philosophy and Practice Combine philosophical discussion of the Bhagavad Gita with yoga instruction delivered by a certified instructor. (First 10-week session) 


1-2:20 PM

1.0 FFH 138 S. Friedman

HON 201 - H1


Scholarships and Graduate School Prep Learn about graduate school and graduate fellowship application processes. Develop a plan and create drafts of personal essays for getting into graduate programs. Now open to freshmen. GPA of 3.75 required. (First 7-week session)


1:00-1:55 PM


MOR 132

J. Staton