Honors Picnic Classroom

Fall 2020 Honors Credit Courses

ARS 160-H1  91784  Honors Drawing Foundations  TR 2:30-5:00PM  3.0  WIL 238 R. Veasey
BYS 119L-H1     91421 Honors Principles of Biology: Laboratory  W 10:30-12:30AM 4.0 SST 230 J. Cooper
BY 491 - H1 92992 ST: Coronavirus & Other Germs TBA 2.0 TBA M. Roy
CH 125-H1  90886 Honors General Chemistry I Lab  T 7:00-10:00PM 4.0 SST 247 M. Snow
CH 125-H2 90889 Honors General Chemistry I Lab R 1:00-4:00PM 4.0 SST 247 M. Snow
CH 125-H3 90897 Honors General Chemistry I Lab F 1:00-4:00PM 4.0 SST 247 M. Snow
CM 113-H8  90201 Honors: Public Speaking TR 11:20-12:40PM  3.0 TBA  J. Saunders
ECN 142-H3  90213 Honors: Principles of Macroeconomics MW 1:00-2:20PM 3.0 BAB 216 B. Mahalingham
EH 105-H1 90099 Honors English Seminar TR 2:40-4:00PM 3.0 MOR TBA
EH 105-H2 90100 Honors English Seminar TR 2:40-4:00 3.0 TBA R. Hazelwood
EH 105-H3 90102 Honors English Seminar TR 1:00-2:20PM 3.0


W. Wilkerson
EH 105-H4 90105 Honors English Seminar TR 11:20-12:40 PM 3.0 TBA R. Hazelwood
EH 105-H5 90108 Honors English Seminar TR 11:20-12:40 PM 3.0 TBA G. Hubbell
EH 105-H6 90110 Honors English Seminar TR 11:20-12:40PM 3.0 TBA TBA
EH 105-H7 90117 Honors English Seminar TR 9:40-11:00AM 3.0 TBA TBA
EH 105-H8 90121 Honors English Seminar TR 8:00-9:20AM 3.0 TBA B. Boswell
EH 105-H9 90126 Honors English Seminar MW 2:40-4:00PM 3.0 TBA B. Boswell
EH 105-H10 90130 Honors English Seminar MW 2:40-4:00PM 3.0 TBA TBA
EH 105-H11 90134 Honors English Seminar MW 11:20-12:40PM 3.0 TBA R. Hazelwood
EH 105-H12 90136 Honors English Seminar MW 11:20-12:40 PM 3.0 TBA H. Cross
EH 105-H14 90146 Honors English Seminar MW 9:40-11:00AM 3.0 TBA C. Noletto
 EH 105-H16  90151  Honors English Seminar MW 8:00-9:20AM 3.0  TBA C. Noletto
EH 209-H1 90276 Honors Seminar in Literature and Culture I MW 2:40-4:00PM 3.0 TBA A. Balla
EH 210-H1


Honors Seminar in Literature and Culture II TR 11:20AM-12:40PM 3.0 TBA E. Smith
EH 301-H1 90340 Honors: Technical Writing TR 2:40-4:00PM 3.0 LIB  TBA
ESS 103L-H6 91364 Honors Environmental Earth Science Foundations and Apps: Laboratory W 6:00-8:00PM 4.0 LIB 205 M. Sirbaugh
HON 101-H1 90031 Intro to Honors Research: Controversial Topics MW 8:00 - 8:55AM 1.0 TBA  J. Price
HON 101-H2  90137 Intro to Honors Research: Wealth, Health, and the Environment MW 9:40-10:35AM 1.0 TBA  B. Mahalingam
HON 101-H3 90147 Intro to Honors Research: Monomyth, Culture, and Information Literacy MW 9:40-10:35am 1.0 TBA M. Manasco
HON 101-H4  90150 Intro to Honors Research: Judgement and Decision-Making MW 1:00-1:55PM 1.0 TBA T. Johnson 
HON 101-H5 90154 Intro to Honors Research: How to Live Longer MW 1:00-1:55PM 1.0 TBA A. Bianchi
HON 101-H7  90167 Intro to Honors Research: Little Known Histories MW 11:20-12:35PM 1.0 TBA  J. Staton
HON 101-H8  90180 Intro to Honors Research: Pirates! TR 2:40-3:35PM 1.0 TBA C. Sears 
HON 101-H9 90187 Intro to Honors Research: "Oh, it's just semantics!" MW 2:40-3:35PM  1.0 TBA A. Word-Albritton
HON 101-H10 90093 Intro to Honors Research: Introduction to Buddhism MW 2:40-3:35PM  1.0 TBA D. Cook 
HON 201-H1 90195 Scholarships GRAD SCHOOL (1st 7 weeks) MW 1-1:55PM  1.0 FFH 118 J. Staton
HON 301-H1 90249 Honors Special Seminar: Rapid Prototyping on Raspberry Pi R 11:20-12:15PM 1.0 TBA D. Chan
HON 301-H2 90258 Honors Special Seminar: Bhagavad Gita and Yoga (1st 10 weeks) F 1:00-2:20PM 1.0 TBA S. Friedman
HON 301-H3 90275 Honors Special Seminar: Meme Like You Mean It W 4:20-5:15PM 1.0 TBA M. McGinnis
HON 301-H4 90336 Honors Special Seminar: Chemistry Lecture Series F 1:45-3:30PM 1.0 TBA J. Foster
HON 400-H1  90338 Honors Internship TBA 3.0 TBA W. Wilkerson
HON 401-H1  90355 Honors Engineering: Product Design TBA 1.0 TBA C. Carmen 
HON 401-H6  90366 Honors Engineering: Mission Design  TBA 1.0 TBA M. Benfield
HON 499   Honors Thesis (multiple sections available) TBA 3.0 TBA STAFF
HY 103-H2  90079 Honors World History to 1500 MW 9:40-11:00AM 3.0 TBA C. Sears
MA 171-H13 91073 Honors: Calculus A MTWR 4:20-5:15PM 4.0 TBA U. Yadav
MA 171-H14 91075 Honors: Calculus A

MWF 9:40 - 10:35AM

T 9:40-10:35AM


SST 207


LIB 205

T. Johnson
MA 171-H15 91077 Honors: Calculus A MTWF 1:00-1:55PM 4.0

BAB 204

LIB 205

B. Thompson
MA 172-H4 91097 Honors: Calculus B MTWF 8:00-8:55AM 4.0 TBA B. Thompson
MA 172-H5 91100 Honors: Calculus B MTWF 9:40-10:35AM 4.0 TBA V. Gant
MA 201-H12 91120 Honors: Calculus C

MWF 8:00-8:55AM

R 8:00-8:55AM


SST 158


LIB 205

G. Crook


MAE 271-H4  92092 Honors: Statics  TR 11:20-12:40PM 3.0 OKT N153  K. Xu
MU 100-H5  91037  Honors: Into to Music Lit TR 8:00-9:20AM 3.0  ROB 212 STAFF
NUR 307-H4  92229 Honors Inquiry to Evidence Based Nursing  TBA 3.0  TBA  S. Coffey
NUR 415-H1  92294 Honors Directed Research  TBA 2.0  TBA  A. Bianchi
PH 112-H3 91315 Honors General Physics with Calculus II (Lecture) TR 9:40-11:00AM 3.0 MSB 113 T. Chronis
PH 115-H1 91346 Honors General Physics Lab II  R 1:00-3:00PM  1.0 OPB 202B T. Chronis
PH 115-H2 91347 Honors General Physics Lab II F 3:30-5:30PM 1.0 OPB 202B T. Chronis
PH 115-H3 91348 Honors General Physics Lab II T 1:00-3:00PM 1.0



T. Chronis
PHL 102-H3  90008 Honors Intro to Philosophy  MW 1:00-2:20PM 3.0  TBA J. Harfouch
SOC 100-H1  90567 Honors Intro to Sociology TR 1-2:20PM 3.0  TBA J. Sims

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