Honors students can enroll in HON 400 while participating in an internship in order to receive 3 upper-level Honors credits. The Honors internship course integrates degree-related, real-world experience with classroom study and reflection. Students pursuing the Honors internship course must register for HON 400. The course requires you to engage in additional reflection on your internship experiences.

Many internships are pursued off-campus although students sometimes find internship opportunities at UAH Research Centers. It is the student's responsibility to find the internship they would like to use for the course. 

Matthew Hale Aly Blakely working for John Harrison attorney

Matthew Hale Aly Blakely working for John Harrison attorney.

Student Responsibilities 

The duties and responsibilities of the internship itself are determined by the sponsoring organization/company, the mentor, and the student. The Honors Office will be glad to give further guidance if requested.

During the internship, the student is required to submit several brief summaries of their activities during the internship, along with a final report of their experience. The course is online.

Reports should emphasize the way in which the internship helped develop:

  • critical thinking skills
  • exposure to a discipline
  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • research and technical expertise
  • personal growth and career development 

Students may use HON 400 up to two times for Honors credit, but the internship duties must be substantially different in order to take the course a second time. Please check with the Honors Dean if you plan to take it twice.


We welcome interested sponsors! If you are with an organization or agency that would like to sponsor an internship, feel free to contact the Honors Office for more information.


I believe that the Honors College has helped me the most during my time working as an intern by teaching me how to think critically. One of the most emphasized parts of our Honors College is that we are expected to think on our own, not just repeat information that has been given to us. Learning to think like this has certainly helped me with my job.

Honors Intern