Did you know that there's a way you can receive Honors credit for ANY course 300-level or above even if it's not offered as an Honors course?

An Honors contract is an enhancement of a regular course that is arranged beforehand between the student and the course instructor. The student registers for the course in the usual way, the student performs all the work required of regular students in the course, and in addition, the student performs additional agreed-upon activities and/or assignments to fulfill the Honors contract. The student will then receive Honors credit for the course.

In developing a contract, the motivating force should be the student's interest in some aspect of the subject matter and his or her commitment to more intensive and advanced work than is required in a regular course. Faculty should recognize that contracts bring both an obligation to commit additional time to the student and the reward of closer intellectual relationships with excellent students.

With this contract opportunity, an Honors student and a faculty member agree in writing to a set of learning experiences to be accomplished in order to receive Honors credit for a course in which the student is enrolled. 

Each student should submit a Contract Proposal Form at the beginning of the semester and a Credit Completion Form at the conclusion. For further information about the guidelines, student and faculty responsibilities, and some sample activities, see the Honors Handbook.