Masters and Ph.D. Students
Dates and Deadlines


Application to Graduate: February 1
Oral Defense: March 11
Submission of Thesis/Dissertation to College Dean: March 27
Submission of Thesis: April 1
Submission of Dissertation April 1
Non-Thesis Final Oral Exam: April 15


Application to Graduate: June 1
Oral Defense: June 15 
Submission of Thesis/Dissertation to College Dean: June 27
Submission of Thesis: June 30
Submission of Dissertation June 30
Non-Thesis Final Oral Exam: July 15


Application to Graduate: September 1
Oral Defense: October 25
Submission of Thesis/Dissertation to College Dean: November 1
Submission of Thesis: November 6
Submission of Dissertation: November 6
Non-Thesis Final Oral Exam: November 15

Thesis and Dissertation dates were adjusted to give students more time to submit. Due to the change, these deadlines are firm dates. Thesis/Dissertation must be approved (signed) by committee, department/program chair, college dean and submitted to Graduate School by the POSTED date. Dates falling on Saturday or Sunday will be extended to the following Monday.

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