Miles Foshee and Dennis Hite

Miles Foshee (l) of Gleason Research Associates Inc. recently donated $10k in equipment to the UAH College of Engineering. The spectrum analyzers will be used in Dennis Hite's (Senior Lecturer) "Design and Modeling of Electric Circuits and Systems" class.

Michael Mercier | UAH

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Engineering recently received a $10,000 equipment donation from Gleason Research Associates Inc.

The equipment donation, 12 new (3GHz) Spectrum Analyzers, will support the Design and Modeling of Electric Circuits and Systems course. The College of Engineering course introduces students to design, complex problem solving, and prototyping while developing techniques and skill in using common test equipment and programming.

"Gleason Research Associates is an outstanding example of how industry can give support and enrich the student experience at UAH," said Dennis Hite, Senior Lecturer and Information Technical Specialist at the College of Engineering.

In addition to the equipment donation, the company also supports and mentors UAH electrical engineering students working on senior design projects. Gleason Research Associates also employ many engineers, mathematicians, and physicists who graduated from the university.


Dennis Hite
 College of Engineering

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