Dale Thomas, Sami Habchi, and Mallie Hale

From left, Dr. Dale Thomas, director of the Alabama Space Grant Consortium, accepts a $1,000 donation from Sami Habchi, executive vice president for aerospace and defense solutions at CFD Research, for the Alabama CubeSat Initiative as Mallie Hale, interim vice president for UAH University Advancement and interim executive director of the UAH Foundation, looks on.

Mike Mercier / UAH

“Cubesats provide affordable access to space for many organizations, including universities and small businesses, and thousands of them will be developed, built and deployed in the near future,” Habchi says. “Alabama CubeSat Initiative provides an excellent collaborative forum and offers opportunities for students to gain first-hand experience in these systems. Technology development and technology transfer is a major focus of CFD Research, as well as supporting our local community and STEM education. This partnership with UAH allows us to make a positive impact on these students and our community.”