Faculty and Staff Information


I have flu symptoms — should I come to work?

No. You should stay at home and not come to work until you are completely better, as it may spread among your co-workers and students. You should not return to work until your fever has been gone for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.

You should promptly report your illness to your supervisor or department head.

I am planning to visit an area with a high incidence of flu on official University business — what should I do?

All travel (whether domestic or international) should follow normal travel procedures. It is always important to be aware of major health concerns and any travel restrictions in foreign countries you may be planning to visit.

If you have any underlying health issues, are currently not well, or are pregnant, you may be considered at greater risk and should consult your family doctor for advice on whether travel is appropriate at this time.

Student Absences

What changes can I make to my course structure to minimize the impact of absences?

Instructors should try to place as much course content as possible, including assignments and lecture outlines, on Canvas or their class website. The intent is to encourage sick students to stay home but at the same time allow them to stay current with assignments when possible.

My class has a mandatory attendance policy — What happens if a student misses class because of the flu?

Mandatory class attendance policies should be examined on a case–by–case basis. Instructors granting an exception for flu-related absences may opt to require a doctor's excuse. Students will be required to make up all missed course work.