The carbohydrate binding protein Scytovirin has potent antiviral activity.  The novel fold imparts specificity for Man4 carbohydrates found on coat glycoprotein of HIV, Ebola, Influenza, and Hepatitis.  Biochemical and biophysical studies of the binding and bound complex have lead to structurally engineered mutants that have improved Man4 binding and anti-HIV efficacy.  The current research goals are to systematically map mutations of amino acids known to be involved in carbohydrate binding, determine the effects of the number of binding sites on binding and efficacy (multivalency), characterize the structural stability of higher affinity mutants and correlate it to pharmacological activity/longevity, and solve the high-resolution structure of the carbohydrate bound complex.


Two Domain Protein

SC2 sequence 2

High Resolution Solution Structure

sc2 hsqc

Carbohydrate Binding

SCN website CarbBind1a noBgkd


Exchange Regimes

Fast Exchange

Intermediate Exchange

Slow Exchange 

Movie FastExchange_RM_GIF Movie IntermediateExchange_RM_GIF Movie SlowExchange_RM_GIF


Free Induction Decay: Timing of NMR signal Acquisition


15N Backbone Dynamics as a Function of Bound Carbohydrate

 SC2 Dyamics