Race Across America

Tuesday, April 23, 2024- May 23, 2024 Multiday event - 31 days

University Fitness Center

Race Across America at The Fit

The thrilling Race Across America is back! Starting from Los Angeles to New York City, embark on a 2,800-mile fitness journey from April 23rd to May 23rd.

Prizes and Recognition:
Prizes for the first 3 individuals to finish. All participants receive custom shirts!

Registration: https://rec.uah.edu/Program/GetProgramDetails?courseId=09027924-cdca-4f24-b2f7-997485a8c8df

Race Details:
Begins April 23rd at 5am, ends May 23rd at 10 pm. Compete as an Individual or a Team (2-5 members).

Workout Validation and Honor System:
Workouts must be validated by Fitness Center staff. Please maintain integrity and fairness in reporting workout durations.

Scoring varies for Individuals and Teams, based on workout duration and participation.

Daily updates on progress for Individuals and Teams. Final results emailed on June 1st.

Email Confirmation:
Ensure your email is correct for receiving updates and results.

Special Note:
Prizes for the first to reach halfway points and checkpoints. Stay updated on the leaderboard!

Contact us at uahfittech256@uah.edu for more information or visit our website.


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