UAH has several tools that can help you with assessments. These include Canvas features to build exams and to proctor them. As you plan an online exam, remember that you may need to re-evaluate your planned activity and adapt to the online tools that are available.

To help you determine how to best give your exam online, we've broken it down into three steps:

Step 1 - Determine the best format for your assessment

If you have already written an exam, review your materials and determine the assessment format that would best suit your exam. Use the below table to help you make the decision that works best for you course.


Multiple Question Types Exams
Essay Exams
Group or Oral Presentations
Does your exam include multiple choice, T/F, fill-in-the-blank, or essay questions?
Does your exam include an essay paper or other type of long-form written document?
Does your exam include group or oral presentations?

Use Canvas Quizzes

Use Publisher Assessments

Use Canvas or Turnitin Assignments

Presentation files: Use Canvas Assignments

Live presentations: Use Zoom

Learn how to use Canvas Quizzes

Contact your publisher representative for instructions on creating assessments using publisher materials.

Learn how to make a Canvas Assignment.

Learn how to make a Turnitin Assignment.

Learn how to use Canvas Assignments.

Learn how to use Zoom.

Please Note

If an instructor chooses to offer an exam online, students with accessibility accommodations may need extra time to complete the exam. Learn how to give extra time to students on timed quizzes in Canvas.

Step 2 - Determine your assessment security needs (Optional)

Security can be a challenge when administering assessments online. Keep in mind that the way you design your assessment can be as impactful as the proctoring solutions you put in place to maintain academic integrity. Consider open book/open note exams with questions that engage higher order thinking. If you must use technology to heighten assessment security, please review the options below:

Step 3 - Distribute grades using the Canvas Gradebook

  • Access Grades on the Canvas course menu to enter grades directly in the Gradebook.
  • Use SpeedGrader to view submissions and provide feedback in the form of annotations, rubrics, and/or comments.
  • Turnitin assignments have their own grading interface that allows instructors to view similarity scores, provide feedback, and make annotations.