In an effort to help instructors prepare for the spring semester, the new Canvas gradebook has been enabled. To learn more, view the informational video below.

523 - New Gradebook Overview from Instructure Community on Vimeo.

The new gradebook has a lot of exciting improvements that will be helpful for instructors. Filters allow instructors to sort the gradebook by Assignment Group, Due Date, or Module. Assignment columns can be sorted alphabetically by student, by grade, or by status (missing/late). One update of note is the new grade posting policy feature. This is a more robust version of the function that previously allowed instructors to "Hide" a gradebook column from students. View the grade posting policy video tutorial to learn more.

The new gradebook will also improve functionality for students. New icons and color coding on the student grade page will help students understand their grade, find instructor feedback, and access rubrics more easily. This tutorial describes the updated student features in the new gradebook.

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