Dr. Yu Lei

Department Chair, CME Associate Professor, CME


301 Sparkman Drive
Engineering Building
Room 117
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Yu Lei received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Nanjing University in China in 2004, and Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010. His doctoral work, which was partly carried out at Fritz Haber Institute of Max Planck Society in Germany, was experimental studies of model catalysis in the aim to build precise structure-reactivity relationship. After getting his Ph.D. degree, Yu joined Energy Systems Division at Argonne National Laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher. His research focus was applying atomic layer deposition (ALD) to prepare nanostructured materials for energy conversion and storage. In 2013, Yu joined the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) as an assistant professor. His research interest covers the development of new techniques and processes for a wide variety of applications such as nanoelectronics, catalysts, batteries, solar cells and other energy technologies.

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  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University, 2004

Honors & Awards

  • UAH College of Engineering Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, 2018
  • UAH College of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Award, 2016
  • ACS-PRF New Doctoral Investigator Award, 2015
  • ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 2015
  • UAH New Faculty Award, 2014

Recent Publications

  • W. Yang, M. Bunian, X. Chen, S. Heald, L. Yu, J Wen, Y. Lei, T. Wu, Plasmon-enhanced Catalytic Ozonation for Efficient Removal of Recalcitrant Water Pollutants, ACS ES&T Engineering, 5 (2021) 874-883

  • M.-H. Jang, Y. Lei, Ultrasonic Atomization of Titanium Isopropoxide at Room Temperature for TiO2 Atomic Layer Deposition, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 38 (2020) 062405

  • M.-H. Jang, O. Kizilkaya, A. J. Kropf, R. L. Kurtz, J. W. Elam, Y. Lei, Synergetic Effect on Catalytic Activity and Charge Transfer in Pt-Pd Bimetallic Model Catalysts Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition, Journal of Chemical Physics, 152 (2020) 024710

  • Z. Lu, J. Kunisch, Z. Gan, T. Wu, Y. Lei, Gold Catalysts Synthesized Using a Modified Incipient Wetness Impregnation Method for Propylene Epoxidation, ChemCatChem, 12 (2020) 5993-5999

  • Z. Lu, X. Liu, B. Zhang, Z. Gan, S. Tang, L. Ma, T. Wu, G. J. Nelson, Y. Qin, C. H Turner, Y. Lei, Structure and Reactivity of Single Site Ti Catalysts for Propylene Epoxidation, Journal of Catalysis, 377 (2019) 419-428

  • W. Yang, Z. Lu, B. Vogler, T. Wu, Y. Lei, Enhancement of Copper Catalyst Stability for Catalytic Ozonation in Water Treatment, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10 (2018) 43323-43326

  • Z. Lu, M. Piernavieja-Hermida, C. H. Turner, Z. Wu, Y. Lei, Effects of TiO2 in Low Temperature Propylene Epoxidation using Gold Catalysts, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (2018) 1688-1698

  • M. Piernavieja-Hermida, Z. Lu, Anderson White, K.-B. Low, T. Wu, J. W. Elam, Z. Wu, Y. Lei, Towards ALD Thin Film Stabilized Single-Atom Pd1 Catalysts, Nanoscale, 8 (2016) 15348-15356

  • Z. Lu, O. Kizilkaya, A. J. Kropf, M. Piernavieja-Hermida, J. T. Miller, R. L. Kurtz, J. W. Elam, Y. Lei, Design and Synthesis of Model and Practical Palladium Catalysts Using Atomic Layer Deposition, Catalysis Science & Technology, 6 (2016) 6845-6852

  • X. Y. Luo, M. Piernavieja-Hermida, J. Lu, T. P. Wu, J. Lu, Y. Lei, K. Amine, Pd Nanoparticles on ZnO-passivated Porous Carbon by Atomic Layer Deposition: an Effective Oxygen Evolution Catalyst for Li-O2 Battery, Nanotechnology, 26 (2015) 164003