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          The National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) Planning Workshop for Advanced Composite in Transportation Vehicles (ACTV) was held on 15-16 July 2014 at Mississippi State University (MSU), Starkville, MS, supported by the NSF planning grant awarded in April 2014. In collaboration with lead MSU, this effort is being led at UAH by principal investigator, Dr. Gang Wang, assistant professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Ratneshwar "Ratan" Jha, Director of the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory and associate professor of Aerospace Engineering, is the principal investigator at MSU.


          The 1.5 day workshop was attended by more than 50 people from prospective industry and government members, Center faculty and students from MSU and UAH, NSF Program Director, Center Evaluator. The goals of the planning workshop included: 1). Engage interactions among prospective members, research team, university administration, and NSF; 2). Determine Year 1 Research Agenda; 3). Communicate benefits and policies of Center membership. A full center proposal is expected to be submitted to NSF in September 2014.