CyberCorpsUndergraduate and Graduate students in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information Systems are eligible to apply for NSF Cyber Corps Scholarships.  Undergraduates in the above mentioned programs are eligible to apply if they are at least Junior standing at the beginning of the Fall semester.  Master's degree students and PhD students (within 3 years of completion) may also apply.    These scholarships pay full tuition, healthcare insurance up to $2K annually, reimburse book expenses up to $1K annually, and allow up to $3K for professional development activities.   In addition, stipends of $20K for an undergraduate, $25K for a MS student, and $30K for a PhD student are paid each academic year of scholarship.  Additional details are provided in the attached file, along with a copy of the service obligation that the recipients of the scholarship must sign.    This opportunity is only open to US Citizens.

SFS Agreement - Final 2012                                Application Process for UAH NSF Scholarship for Service