We are delighted to welcome Dan Olberding who will serve as Associate Dean for External Relations in the College of Engineering.

Many of you may know Dan, either in his formal capacity as the Boeing Executive focal to UAH, responsible for promoting a strong relationship with our students and faculty researchers, and/or through his active participation in numerous educational and outreach events including our annual Science Fair and the InSPIRESS programs. He has also served on several search committees for UAH, and has been an outstanding supporter of our students, alumni, and faculty.

Dan recently retired from The Boeing Company, having served as the Director of the Huntsville Design Center which is part of Boeing's Strategic Missiles and Defense Systems Division. Under Dan's stewardship, the Huntsville Design Center grew to over 300 engineers who support a wide variety of space, defense, and commercial programs and products. During his 33 years of employment in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Dan has distinguished himself as an innovative and disciplined engineer, an effective and inspiring leader, a consensus builder, and effective agent of change. His experiences span a wide range of DOD and NASA programs in a variety of roles, including product innovations, full-scale engineering development, production and support, and functional leadership.

Dan holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University. His primary technical specialty is structural engineering and engineering management.

Dan will work part time for us so he can pursue other interests as well.

Dan's office is in EB 217C. Please join us in welcoming Dan to his new role.