Joiner Laurielindquist1) Laurie Joyner (PI) and Bob Lindquist (co-PI) in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering received $199,200 in grant funding from the National Science Foundation over a two year period beginning September 1, 2013 in support of their project "Enhancing undergraduate education in signals and signal processing using Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology." Their work will help bridge the gap between theoretical signal processing concepts and wireless operations via experiences in a practical laboratory environment.



2) Nathan Slegers in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is PI on a collaborative research project funded by the National Science Foundation on "The beneficial aerodynamic effect of butterfly scale." Results from his study will yield potentially transformative discovery of new and unique passive surface drag control methodology derived from butterfly scales functioning at the micro scale level. Experiments aimed at measuring the aerodynamic efficiency of butterfly wings with scales will be carried out at the state-of-the art autonomous tracking facility (ATOM laboratory) located in the MAE department. The award received by UAH is $118,254 over a three year period beginning in September 2013. Nathan will be conducting this research in partnership with his collaborator Amy Lang at the University of Alabama.