Hands on projectThe College of Engineering is hosting a day visit by groups of students selected by the US Space and Rocket Center to participate in its Honeywell Leadership Program. In all, about 256 junior and senior high school students from across the world were introduced to a variety of engineering topics - bridge building, rockets are a drag, & lean manufacturing. Students were also engaged in other hands on activities in the Sensor Laboratory and the Center for Applied Optics. Students met with several of our faculty members who designed these activities. The group includes Professors Leonard, Gholston, Lindquist, Frederick, and Drs. Reardon, Lineberry,  and Corsetti. This event is part of the College of Engineering's outreach initiative to convey the excitement of engineering through hands-on learning of basic principles.

Professor Jennifer English, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the College of Engineering coordinated this event, and may be contacted for overall program details.