dr. karr and RSESC Director Dave Arterburn
The UAH Summer Community of Scholars (SCS), made up of the Research and Creative Experience for Undergraduates (RCEU) and Honors Capstone Research (HCR) Summer Program, held their poster session display at Charger Union. Deans presented their awards to each of their college’s student winners.
Michael Mercier | UAH

Fifteen student research posters were selected for top Dean’s and Alabama Space Grant Award honors at the end-of-program Summer Community of Scholars (SCS) poster session at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of the University of Alabama System.

“The 41 undergraduates who participated in this summer’s program did excellent work, and it really shows in the quality and depth of their poster presentations,” says Dave Cook, director of undergraduate research. “The students' work is impressive, and we are extremely grateful for the mentorship provided by our faculty and research staff on these projects. Their willingness to work with undergraduates over the summer leads to some really exciting possibilities for everyone involved.”

The SCS is composed of the Research or Creative Experience for Undergraduates and the Honors Capstone Research Summer Program. Its purpose is to support research or creative experiences for undergraduate participants in all fields of study. The overall vision of the program is to sustain a vibrant culture of research and creative activities for undergraduates at UAH. Participants undertake activities within a project of research and creative scholarship.

A non-exclusive list of possible activities for the participants includes laboratory experiments, musical compositions, field studies, clinical projects, engineering experiments and projects, theoretical work, human behavior studies, writing projects and visual art projects. The activities are under the direct supervision of a UAH full-time faculty member or researcher.

Dean's and Director's Awards:

College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

First Place

Merritt Fisk, HY: Merchants and Mill Workers: Harrison Brothers and Huntsville Commerce, 1897-1903

Mentors: Drew Adan, Charlie Gibbons, Christine Sears

Second Place

Cole Rosenthal, BFA: Real Life or Just Fantasy: Live Performance to Animation

Mentor: Vinny Argentina

College of Education

First Place

MaryAnn Wiethop, KIN: Validation of the Kinematic Knee Sleeve for Measuring Joint Angle Changes in Active Young Adults

Mentor: Ryan Conners

College of Engineering

First Place

Joshua Corbin, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE): Development of Mechanical Characterization Techniques and Analysis of Flexible Electronic Materials

Mentor: Nicholas Ginga

Second Place

McClellan Buckhalter, MAE: Calibrated Thrust Measurement for Rotating Detonation Engines

Mentor: John Bennewitz

College of Nursing

First Place

Emily Bolton, Nursing: Diet-Mediated Heart Disease Risk via the Gut Microbiome

Mentor: Jennifer Bail

Second Place (tie)

Dawson Hammons, Nursing: Civility as a Nursing Concept in the Clinical Setting

Mentor: Rachel Seady

John David McGovern, Nursing: Civility as a Nursing Concept in the Classroom Setting

Mentor: Tamela Shults

College of Science

First Place

Jared Schlosser, Chemistry: Functionalizing Titanium with Fluorosilane can make it Water-Repellent

Mentor: Jeffrey Weimer

Second Place

Kieffer Haehnlein, Biological Sciences: Describing the effects of antibiotic-resistance ribosomes on gene expression in bacteria

Mentor: Luis R. Cruz-Vera

Honors College

First Place

Celeste Davis, Art Studio: Short Film Adaptation of Soseki Natsume’s Ten Nights’ Dreams

Mentor: Vinny Argentina

Second Place

Kaitlin Bryce, Biology: MAPK Activation in Pancreatic Ductal Cells Expressing Wild-type CFTR

Mentor: Ahmed Lawan

Alabama Space Grant

First Place

Emma Koontz, Atmospheric and Earth Science: Weather Radar Characteristics of Thick Cloud Layers over the Eastern Range Associated with a Triggered Lightning Risk

Mentor: Lawrence Carey

Second Place (tie)

Kokoro Hosogi, Physics: Studying feedback from super-massive black holes at the center of giant elliptical galaxies

Mentor: Ming Sun

Maddie Liz Golembeck, Chemistry: The Perspective Use of FTIR and Surface Tension in Measuring Concentrations

Mentor: Jeffrey Weimer

Summer Community of Scholars Poster Session