Important Contact Information

Undergraduate Affairs

For undergraduate affairs, including registration, course prerequisites, advising, etc., please contact the Center for Undergraduate Engineering Education (CUE2) staff at 256-824-6877 or via email: Barbie Garner or Jacob Kerstiens

Graduate Affairs

For Graduate Affairs, and other matters, please contact these individual departments directly:

  • Chemical and Materials Engineering, Angelia Heulett at or 256-824-6810
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amanda Hancock at or 256-824-6854
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, Linda Grubbs at or 256-824-3597
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, Kathy Gentry at or 256-824-6256
  • Mechanical and Aerospace, Zeke Aguilera at or 256-824-6154

For other issues or any general questions, please use the contact form below:

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