UAH Autism Resource Network

The Alabama Department of Mental Health recently named the University of Alabama in Huntsville a Regional Autism Network (RAN) site. With this distinction, UAH becomes one of five autism resource hubs in the state.

Originally launched in 2016, and UAH joined Auburn University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of South Alabama, and the University of Alabama as RAN resource hubs in 2017.

Each RAN is funded by the Department of Mental Health, and each RAN is staffed by experts in the field of autism spectrum disorder. Each location strives to connect people with ASD, their families, educators, and service providers to the information, services, and supports that best meet their needs.

The UAH RAN strives to provide on-going training opportunities for parents, service providers, public school educators, higher education faculty and community groups. The UAH RAN is working to establish a library of resources and on-going direct assistance to educators and parents wishing to build a more collaborative relationship.

Visit the RAN website by clicking here!


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