UAH Regional Autism Network

The University of Alabama in Huntsville Regional Autism Network (UAH RAN) serves as an information hub for 13 counties in north Alabama. Staffed by experts in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), UAH RAN provides:

  • Direct Assistance
  • Professional Training
  • Public Education
  • Technical Assistance/Consultation Services

Assistance is available to people of all ages with autism as well as family members, friends, teachers, and professionals supporting people with diagnosed or suspected autism and related needs. Call or email UAH RAN with questions and concerns or to get help finding available regional resources to meet needs pertaining to autism.

On-going training opportunities for parents, service providers, educators, university faculty, and community groups are offered. UAH RAN participates in community events to raise awareness about autism and available resources.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health and The University of Alabama in Huntsville partnered in 2018 to establish UAH RAN. With this distinction, UAH RAN is one of five autism resource hubs in the state, joining Auburn University, University of South Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and The University of Alabama. This program is supported by the Alabama Interagency Autism Coordinating Council and funded by the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

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