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UAH acquires DXA system for joint, bone and tissue research

While training to become a professional mountain bike racer, researcher Dr. Shannon Mathis discovered cyclists spend numerous hours exercising each week — yet most have low bone density. Since then, the UAH kinesiology professor has been …

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UAH Department of Kinesiology conducts advanced Diabetes research with aquatic treadmill

A kinesiology professor at UAH is using underwater treadmill exercise to break new ground in type 2 diabetes …

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Kinesiology professor an “early adopter” of collaborative learning techniques

When Collaborative Learning Center director Dr. Dan Rochowiak began meeting with faculty members across the campus of UAH to share collaborative learning techniques they could implement in their classrooms, he found an early adopter in Dr …

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UAH’s sports performance team offers comprehensive approach to student athlete care

The Athletic Department’s sports performance team at UAH comprises seven professionals who are tasked with ensuring the physiological well-being and successful performance of the 380 student athletes who make up UAH’s NCAA 18 athletic …

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UAH’s wheelchair basketball team to compete at national tournament

The junior varsity wheelchair basketball team at UAH has received a coveted invitation to play in the 2017 National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in Louisville, Ky., March 30-April 2. The honor is a huge one for the first-year team, which also …

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