Dr. Michael J. Craw



Proud to have proven the small hometown critics wrong becoming a successful Academic/ Coach/ Golfer/ Husband/ Father/ Entrepreneur/ Project Manager/ Business Owner, and active mentor of passionate & curious youth.

Dr. Michael J. Craw's CV


  • Ed.D., Philosophy (Marketing), The University of Tasmania, 2005
  • M.Ed., (Education) The University of North Georgia, 1991
  • B.Sc., (Education HPERD), The University of Montevallo, 1985

Classes Taught


  • National Assoc. Kinesiology & Higher Education (NAKHE)
  • Sport Management Assoc. Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ)


  • Craw, M., (2020). Emotional intelligence and the Business Model Canvas. Submitted: United States Center for Coaching Excellence; June 1-3, Birmingham, Alabama. USA.
  • Elliot, J., Craw, M., & Kyle, D. (2020). Unity Through Cross Curricular Collaboration. In Proceedings of 2020 National Association Kinesiology Higher Education Conference; January 8-11, Palm Springs, California. USA.
  • Craw, M., Strand, B., Woodroffe, J., & Latham, R. (2019). A Portrait of connection through consultation: Tasmanian senior secondary sport and recreation management students – cross-sectoral partners and the role of authentic and meaningful pedagogy to impact a small island community. International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education. International Journal for Kinesiology in Higher Education, 3:4, 1-12 DOI: 10.1080/24711616.2019.1682486
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  • Craw, M., Smee A., & Mack, A., (2019). Tasmania Rethinks Aging using CrossFit and its “liturgy”. NAKHE Magazine (Sept – Nov). Available: https://www.nakhe.org/_Library/newsletters/NAKHE_Magazine_Sept-Oct-Nov_2019.pdf
  • Craw, M. (2019). Using innovative curriculum to revitalize regional economies in a zero-sum game - the case of Sport Recreation and Leisure at the University of Tasmania’s University College. Paper for presentation at the NAKHE Conference January 9-12, 2019.
  • Woodroffe, J, Viney, T., & Craw, M. (2019). Exploring Successful Learning with Lucas and Lily: What can a School-University partnership offer to enhance the education of senior secondary students and prepare them for what’s next in their lives? Peter Underwood Centre. Brill Publishers.
  • Craw, M. (2018). Board Evaluations: making a fit between performance, purpose and the Tasmanian sport and recreation system. Research Presentation Master Class Symposium. University of Tasmania.