A Collaborative Vision and Commitment to Success

The UAH College of Education has a collaborative mentoring program supporting the professional growth and development of our new teachers.  The college is committed to the preparation of high quality teachers who are ready to meet the responsibilities of the profession.  The college also recognizes a strong support system is essential for the success and retention of new teachers.

What is the New Teacher Mentoring Program?

The UAH New Teacher Mentoring Program is an opportunity for cooperation between Alabama public school systems and UAH that:

  • Provides new teacher assistance and support
  • Supports the school system's existing program for mentorship of new teachers

The first phase of quality teacher preparation is the pre-service phase under the guidance of the UAH Educator Preparation Program.  The second phase is the initial teaching years.  We believe by working together with new teachers and school districts, we can enhance the potential for the success and retention of new teachers.

Who qualifies for assistance?

First or second year teachers in Alabama who:

  • Graduated from UAH and were recommended for certification
  • Are full time employees of an Alabama public school system, teaching in an area of certification
  • Are concerned about performance on EDUCATE Alabama or about meeting other performance expectations
  • Need additional support in initial teaching assignment

What are the conditions for assistance?

  • There will be no cost to the teacher or the school system in situations where it has been determined the UAH New Teacher Mentoring Program applies.
  • The program of support will be implemented so there are no interruptions to the new teacher's instructional schedule.
  • The school principal and/or supervisor will share with the university representative all information pertinent to the first or second year teacher's classroom needs.
  • The type and duration of the assistance will be agreed upon by the university representative, school system personnel, and the new teacher.

Who can initiate a request for assistance?

  • The school principal and/or central office personnel can contact the Dean of the College of Education to initiate the request for assistance.
  • New teachers who desire information, materials, and advice with professional issues can contact the Coordinator of Field and Clinical Experiences of the College of Education.

Who responds to the request?

A UAH representative will visit the school to plan a course of action to support the new teacher.

For more information about the UAH New Teacher Mentoring Program, please contact the College of Education:

Dr. Beth Nason Quick

Dean, College of Education

Wilson Hall 145

Mrs. Denise Pettey

Coordinator of Field and Clinical Experiences

Wilson Hall 139