Dispositions are "the values, commitments, and professional ethics that influence behaviors toward students, families, colleagues, and communities and affect student learning, motivation, and development as well as the candidate's own professional growth." Often, it is the professional dispositions and commitments exhibited by teacher candidates that are most critical in determining their future success in the classroom. Therefore, UAH teacher candidates are introduced to the dispositions woven into the UAH Educator Preparation Program in ED 301 - Introduction to Education during their discussion of effective teacher qualities. Candidates are provided with opportunities to engage in a self-evaluation of these dispositions and to demonstrate these attributes as they progress throughout the program.

  1. Intellectual Curiosity. The teacher candidate enlivens the role of researcher and expresses a genuine love for learning by consistently modeling behavior that exemplifies intellectual curiosity and engagement. In the classroom, the teacher candidate fosters and encourages students to extend their personal immersion in learning beyond course content.
  2. Respect for all Learners. The teacher candidate demonstrates respect for and fosters positive rapport with all students.
  3. Multicultural Sensitivity. The teacher candidate promotes the development of an awareness and understanding of cultural, ethnic, and economic differences and understands their impacts on learning.
  4. Self-initiative. The teacher candidate accurately assesses needs and independently implements plans to address student needs in creative and resourceful ways.
  5. Flexibility. The teacher candidate identifies and positively adapts when unanticipated occurrences arise.
  6. Interaction with Others. The teacher candidate initiates positive interactions with students, faculty, peers, and others.
  7. Reliability/Dependability. The teacher candidate is always responsible. The teacher candidate attends to tasks or duties without prompting.
  8. Oral Communication Skills. The teacher candidate is articulate, expressive, and conversant. The teacher candidate is able to adapt his or her communicative style to the situation; the teacher candidate listens well and responds appropriately.
  9. Written Expression. The teacher candidate expresses ideas clearly and concisely. The teacher candidate makes no mechanical errors.
  10. Attendance/Punctuality. The teacher candidate is punctual and has regular attendance. The candidate provides prior notification and reasonable explanations for absences.
  11. Professional Appearance. The teacher candidate follows the appropriate dress code for the situation.
  12. Tact and Judgment. The teacher candidate is diplomatic. The teacher candidate is sensitive to others' feelings and opinions.