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The Health and Nutrition minor is open to all UAH students looking to expand their knowledge of health and wellness. The goals of the program are to increase nutritional knowledge, expose individuals to the benefits of exercise, and help destigmatize mental health. Increased knowledge in all areas is beneficial to all students regardless of their major. The program consists of 7 courses for 21 hrs of course work.


Nutrition Focus

  • KIN 200 - Contemporary Nutrition:
  • KIN 300 - Nutrition for Fitness & Sport
  • KIN 400 - Nutrition in Health & Disease

General Health Focus

  • KIN 240 - Health & Wellness Concepts
  • KIN 290 - Exercise Techniques & Leadership

Mental Health Focus

  • PY 333 - Psychology of Adjustment & Adaptation
  • *PY 437 - Psychobiology of Stress & Illness

*PY 437 is only offered once, every other year. If the course is not offered when the student needs it, they may earn the minor without that course, for a total of 18 hours; however, if the course is offered during the time frame that the student needs it, they will be required to take it, thus completing a full 21 hours.