Dr. Robert Lindquist at a podium
Dr. Robert Lindquist, vice president for research and economic development, congratulates innovators for their patents received during 2022-2023. The annual patent recognition happened during the 2023 University Awards for Excellence ceremony on April 21, 2023.
Michael Mercier | UAH

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of The University of Alabama System, honored the achievements in innovation by inventors from two colleges, six departments and four centers who have been awarded patents during the past year. The annual patent award recognition was held on April 21 during the University Awards for Excellence ceremonies in the Student Services Building.

“Innovation-minded inventors like these individuals are making increasing contributions to UAH and to the marketplace through their innovations, which are proactively managed by the Office of Technology Commercialization,” said Kannan Grant, director of the OTC.

“UAH’s increased investment in its people has resulted in a significant increase in patenting activity,” he said. “In the past five years at UAH, new technology disclosures have doubled; the number of patents filed has increased by 45%, and the number of patents issued has increased 150%. These plaques are a testament to the achievements of UAH innovators.”

Robert Lindquist, vice president for research and economic development, and Grant presented desk plaques commemorating the patent awards.

The following patents were awarded to UAH researchers:

11,261,945, “Coupling System for Reducing Fatigue and Dynamic Amplification of Loads in Objects,” James Blackmon and Frederick Gant (Engineering)

11,300,502, “Time-Wavelength Optical Sampling Systems and Methods for Determining Composition of a Sample Based on Detected Pulses of Different Durations,” Lingze Duan and Lin Yang (Science)

11,353,625, “Systems and Methods for Forecasting Lightning and Severe Storms,” John Mecikalski (Science)

11,378,748, “Optical Frequency Discriminators Based on Fiber Bragg Gratings,” Lingze Duan and Dipen Barot (Science)

11,383,410, “Methods of Curing Ionic Liquid Epoxy Mixtures,” William Kaukler (Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center)

11,346,330, “Hall Effect Thruster with Additively Manufactured Components,” Gabe Xu and Ethan Hopping (Engineering)

11,483,967, “Method of Conversion to Automated Lawn Mower,” Farbod Fahimi, Gavyn Grove, Matthew L'Antigua, Joseph Martin, Rahul Rameshbabu, Tyler Oliger (Engineering)

11,559,457, “Rotational Swing Systems and Methods for Providing Vestibular Stimulation,” Deana Jo Aumalis (Early Learning Center), Scott Banwell, Stephanie Krueger, Haley Brunick, Christina Carmen, Christopher Kelley, Michael Langley (Engineering)

11,554,244, “Systems and Methods for Multi-Modal and Non-Invasive Stimulation of the Nervous System,” Emil Jovanov (Engineering)

Award Recipients