Students with disabilities have the right to an equal opportunity to participate in programs offered through UAH. Students who choose to exercise these rights have the responsibility to initiate and participate in the accommodation process. Recognizing this, students:

  • Have the responsibility to register with Disability Support Services in a timely fashion. The student must provide documentation to DSS from an appropriate practitioner.
  • Have the responsibility to actively participate in discussion regarding options for academic accommodations and auxiliary aids.
  • Have the responsibility to activate the accommodations they have received from Disability Support Services each semester. This is best facilitated through individual meetings between each student and their professor.
  • Have the responsibility to communicate to their professor their individual needs and work with the professor on methods of accommodation.
  • Must be proactive in scheduling their exams a week in advance when possible.
  • Have the same obligation as any student to meet and maintain the institution's rigorous academic and technical standards.
  • Have a right to be evaluated based on ability, not disability.
  • Are entitled to an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the academic community at a comparable level provided to any student.
  • Have a right to make a formal complaint or appeal decisions concerning accommodations using UAH's grievance procedures.