A student has provided a Letter of Accommodation for this semester, what do I do next?
  1. The accommodation process begins with the student and faculty/department. Every effort should be made to accommodate students at this level, particularly for basic accommodations such as extended time or reduced distraction testing environment.
  2. If faculty or department are unable to provide accommodations, refer the student to Testing Services to schedule their exams, as you would for any student who needs exam proctoring. Requests for or questions about proctoring can be directed to 256.824.6725 or testing@uah.edu.  The student is responsible for scheduling each exam and notifying you in a timely manner to send the exam.  When you send the exam to Testing Services, accompany it with their required form(s).  If you choose to remind the student to schedule, you are doing this as a courtesy as it is not required.  If a student shows up to your class on exam day without following the procedures to schedule their test or reaching an agreement with you to have their testing accommodations with you, you are under no obligation to give them extended time or reduced distraction environment for that exam.
  3. Disability Support Services will administer exams for students that need advanced accommodations beyond extended time and reduced distraction environment. For students in upper division or highly technical courses, Disability Support Services may not have the content knowledge necessary to provide readers or scribes. The faculty or department may be asked to assist with this accommodation.