Conference Training Center room 131

Room 131 – Tiered Conference Room

Seats 86 – stays "as is"

Exhibit Hall 100' x 58' (5800 ft.)


Exhibit Hall photos: Exhibit Hall floor, Table seating and Theater seating
Seats 386 – rows of chairs
Seats 125 – 150 per section in rows of chairs
Seats 75 per section in tables and chairs (6 per table)
Ceiling height – 18'7"
A - 32' x 58' – 1856 ft.
B - 42' x 58' – 2436 ft.
C - 26' x 58' – 1508 ft.


Special Arrangement Only


Special Arrangement Only

Outdoor Stage - The Slab

Organizations we serve

Registered Student Organization (RSO): Any student organization that has applied and been approved through the Office of Student Activities student organization registration process.

Affiliated Group (AG): Any group establish by virtue of an explicit delegation authority to a particular administrator, faculty member, staff member, or to the student body, the faculty, or the staff.

Sponsored Non-Affiliated Group (SNAG): For purposes of Policy, an Affiliated Group is considered to "sponsor" a Non-Affiliated Group only if the following conditions are met: The Affiliated Group, and not merely a member of an Affiliated Group, determines to invite the Non-Affiliated Group to use University facilities for purposes:

  1. Consistent with the mission of the University
  2. Consistent with the goals and objectives of the Affiliated Group
  3. The Affiliated Group has substantial participation in and responsibility, including financial responsibility, for planning and executing the planned activity, and is not merely lending its endorsement to the Non-Affiliated Group.

Non-Affiliated Group (NAG): Any group who is not affiliated with The University of Alabama in Huntsville.