External Advisory Board

The NSF EPSCoR CPU2AL project has appointed an External Advisory Board (EAB) consisting of the following out-of-state subject-matter experts:

Lennard Fisk, Ph.D.
Thomas M. Donahue Distinguished University Professor of Space Science
University of Michigan

Mark J. Kushner, Ph.D.
Director of Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering
Director of Department of Energy Plasma Science Center
George I. Haddad Professor of Engineering
University of Michigan

Kristina A. Lynch, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Dartmouth College

Ashok Kumar, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Clean Energy Research Center (CERC)
University of South Florida

Ted Hodapp, Ph.D.
Director of Project Development and Senior Advisor to the Department of Education and Diversity
American Physical Society

Michael Khonsari, Ph.D.
Dow Chemical Endowed Chair and Professor, Louisiana State University
Associate Commissioner for Sponsored Programs Research and Development
Louisiana Board of Regents


The EAB meets in person once a year during the NSF EPSCoR CPU2AL Annual Meeting and provides objective feedback about progress toward goals and scientific objectives and recommendations on necessary adjustments as the project progresses.

Industry Liaison Board

The NSF EPSCoR CPU2AL project has formed an Industry Liaison Board (ILB) consisting of the following industry leaders:

Raymond Thompson, Ph.D.
Manager and Engineering Expert, Vista Engineering

Balaji Prabhu, Ph.D.
Director, Medical Device Competence Center, Evonik Corporation

Vladimir Kolovov, Ph.D.
Technical Fellow, CFD Research Corporation
Adjunct Professor, The University of Alabama in Huntsville  

John Gully
Consultant, The University of Alabama in Huntsville 


The ILB meets twice a year and provides objective feedback about developing relationships between industry and academia in Alabama, technology needs and applications of plasma technologies,  and workforce development needs on plasma technology



Student Liaison Board

The SLB was formed to represent the student body interest of the CPU2AL project.


 Ryan Gott

The University of Alabama in Huntsville


Taylor Hall 
Auburn University


Vincent Holloman

Tuskegee University


Shardai Johnson

Tuskegee University


Lori Scott

Auburn University


Bernabe Tucker

The University of Alabama at Birmingham