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The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Center for Cybersecurity Research and Education (CCRE) is located on the campus of one of the nation's premier research universities. The CCRE offers an interdisciplinary approach to defending cyber physical systems, embedded weapon systems, SCADA, networks data, and computer operating systems from adversarial attacks. In addition to providing educational opportunities such as camps and scholarships, the CCRE also engages in cutting-edge research on a wide variety of cybersecurity topics, including identity management, supply chain security, intrusion detection vulnerability analysis, medical device security, and digital forensics.

Those who are interested in furthering the field of cybersecurity are welcome to send their resume to ccre@uah.edu. Specific job openings can be found at UAH's Employment Opportunities page, located below.

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Cyber Force Incubator

For high school and university students

For students, CCRE has developed the Cyber Force Incubator to give them the skills for cybersecurity work. The Cyber Force Incubator (CFI) is an experiential laboratory under the purview of the University of Alabama in Huntsville's Center for Cybersecurity Research and Education. The objective of the CFI is to increase high school and university students' exposure to cybersecurity, science, technical, engineering and mathematics fields while preparing the students to enter the workforce. This is accomplished through CFI modules, security clearance nomination for eligible students, and internships.

  • CFI Modules

    Each CFI module refers to a specific training topic or learning objective. Students take CFI modules to refresh or familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of cybersecurity. The CFI modules provide students with a deep immersion into cybersecurity to prepare them for the wide range of duties that make up the cybersecurity career field.

  • Security Clearance

    Since a SECRET clearance is a requirement for most cybersecurity jobs, eligible CFI students are nominated for a security clearance.

  • Internships

    Upon completion of the CFI modules, students are provided an internship with their sponsoring government agency, contractor, or industry partner. Through the internship, students apply concepts they have learned through the CFI modules. Many interns work directly in the cybersecurity field, but others will support engineering or information system segments and will incorporate cyber hygiene into their products.

Those who are interested in joining the Cyber Force Incubator are welcome to send their resume to ccre@uah.edu