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As employers and graduate schools continue to look for ways to get to know candidates virtually, your online “brand” is going to take on even more significance than it has in years past. Living in this virtual world, you need to consider the ways to stand out more so than what you may have done in the past when “in-person” connections were the initial way employers met candidates.

You are your biggest marketer, so own it!

Be aware of your online presence! What you post is part of your professional image, whether or not you intend it to be. Be mindful of your privacy settings and/or consider the audiences that can see your posts before you publish. This also includes who you follow, who follows you back, and posts that are commented on and liked. We recommend doing a social media audit and reviewing each social media account you have a presence on. Employers will look at your social media acconts, and they will not stop their search on LinkedIn. You'll want to maintain a professional image on sites like Instagram and TikTok as well.

Update your profiles regularly!

If you consider your professional profiles including LinkedIn, Charger Path, business social media, and your resume to have “the basics” now is the time to develop an effective profile and get active! The end of the semester is a great time to think back on your accomplishments over the past few months and update your documents and accounts. If you had an internship, co-op, or job, adding this to your resume while your duties and accomplishments are fresh in your mind ensures you won't forget anything important when it comes time to apply for the next position. If you've worked on any projects or learned new technical skills, whether independtely or as part of a class, add those to your resume/professional profiles now as well.  Recruiters want to see what you have been involved with, what matters to you, who you follow, and what you are interested in.  As you gain more experience, education, and skills, your profiles should change! Making the updates now will also prevent you from scrambling at the last minute when you want to apply for a job--all you'll need to do is tailor your resume rather than make large changes if you keep your resume current.

The bottom line - make sure your content is current as well as suitable for all ages and future employers to review, whether you are actively seeking a job or not!