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Hey, look at you - about to start a new job - how exciting! Giving your two-week notice can be scary. “What will my employers think?” “Will my coworkers be mad at me?” But two-week notices should not have to have a negative connotation. Again, Career Services is going to give you a glimpse into what it means to be “climbing the corporate ladder”. 


Here are 8 things to be reminded of as you put in your two-week notice: 

  1. The more time the better! If you know you are leaving a job with more than two weeks notice let them know. It’s better to give enough notice so your employer can find a replacement for you.
  2. Address a short letter to your boss announcing when your last day of availability will be. This makes the situation professional and personal. In this letter, you can also offer up your services by training your replacement, passing along unfinished tasks, etc. to create a smoother transition. 
  3. Plan ahead! Be mindful of what you would like to say in your farewell meeting. This ensures that the conversation is kept professional and eliminates the potential for emotions to arise.
  4. If possible, tell your boss in person (or face-to-face virtually) that you will be quitting your job. The letter is strictly for your boss’ reference later. 
  5. Tie up any loose ends before you leave. Ensure any projects are finished, or designate it to someone who will do the project justice in your absence.
  6. Tell your coworkers you are leaving AFTER your boss is notified. This tip helps maintain drama and rumors spreading around the workplace.
  7. Continue to perform at your best after your notice is turned in. Finish your job strong with good attendance and completed tasks and goals.
  8. Ask your boss if they would mind being a future reference for you. It’s important to have good networking and connections on job applications in the future.