If you’re thinking of putting your job or co-op/internship search on hold for the holidays, think again!  The holiday season is still a good time of year to find and apply for opportunities.  The process may take a bit longer due to holiday company closures, but companies are still searching for candidates year-round.  

In fact, applying during the holiday season may give you a better chance of landing a job since other candidates put their searches on hold this time of year. This means fewer applicants for competition and a better chance of landing the job!


Here are three tips for a successful Holiday Season Job Search:

Use downtime to your advantage:  Use the extra time you’re not spending in classes or at work to update your resume to incorporate the work experience, project experiences and new skills from the Fall semester. Be sure to update your Charger Path and LinkedIn profile with these changes as well. 

The holidays are also a great time to organize your job search.  Set up a document to track your applications, key dates, and conversations with recruiters. This way you’ll have everything in one place and can avoid missing deadlines or digging through your emails.


Use your network: While many holiday events will be virtual, you can still use these events to network. Share your job search with family and friends; you never know who knows whom and how they can help you land a new opportunity.  If you’re sending cards, mention that you’ve recently graduated/completed an internship and are looking for opportunities in your field.


Use your momentum: Professional lives often slow down for the holiday season, but don’t let the momentum of your job-seeking routine simmer out.  Set aside time each day to search for opportunities or work on your professional development.  Even 30 minutes is better than nothing. 

Stopping your job search for the holiday season may make it tough to get back in the swing of things once the holidays are over.  Press through, submit applications, practice your interview skills and you’ll be ready to roll through the Holidays and into 2021!  You’ll also have a headstart on all those that didn’t strategically take advantage of the holiday season.


Career Services is available to assist students and alumni virtually when the University is open.  Appointments can be scheduled in Charger Path.